Our Apologies

We fought a revolution to take control of our government from the British. It’s time for us to take back control of our government from the 2 parties.

Our message is not perfect... and will never be.

We needed to get our overall message out now so that we can be begin fundraising. We need funds to kick-off this movement including completing our book, producing our documentary and much more. So, we'd like to apologize for a few things upfront.

Please ignore the little details as this book is being finished.

This material is still in a draft form. Therefore, please ignore details like grammar, capitalization, punctuation, cases (1st person, 2nd person) and so on.

The data is hard to keep current.

The data and events included in this book will be out of date quickly. But you will see that it doesn't matter which party is in office, what the current urgent issue of the day is, or the latest controversy, our nation will collapse within the next decade unless we do something now.

Our message might not be worded perfectly.

The book needs one last review. It may not include the best examples to prove a point. But regardless of the details, it does not diminish the importance of this message or the only realistic strategy to change the direction that our country is headed.

Ignore Duplicate text.

Some of the same information appears in different chapters. Sometimes this is intentional and sometimes it is not. All these issues will be fixed for the final edition.

Sources of the data that we reference.

We reference a lot of data on this website and in our book. The sources of all this data appears at the end of the book. You can access the book and the data here.

Unlike politicians, we are not paid.

We are not paid to spread this message – unlike politicians who collect huge salaries and have unlimited resources. For those who fight for our freedom, the opposite is true. Creating this message and publishing this material takes a lot of time. Building this movement takes time away from generating income for my family. This is one of the many ways that the 2 parties maintain their grip on power.

We’re not paid extremely well by the government to run a perpetual campaign like the politicians

We don't have huge staffs whose jobs rely on getting politicians reelected.

We don’t have researchers, speech writers, media contacts, resources, money to get this message out.

We don’t get invited to speak at events on a regular basis or get in the news with a single phone call.

We can’t pass laws that only benefit ourselves.

We can’t do this full-time, unlike career politicians whose job it is to win re-election.

There are many more unfair and unethical advantages for incumbent politicians. Read Mistaken Beliefs to discover other ways that the establishment stays in power to protect the status quo. How else can they get a 95% re-election rate with a miserable 9% approval rating?

We don’t have all the answers... and never will.

We don’t know everything (I’m sure that’s no surprise to anyone who knows me), but somehow, all politicians always do. At least that’s what they want us to think. Somehow, they have the perfect solution to every problem, every time. But unlike politicians, we don’t have the answer to every problem… but at least we know what questions to ask.

Please... Bring it on!

I’m certain that some of my facts are wrong. Am I worried that insiders and critics will use this fact to discredit this book? Not much. Some of the data may be wrong, but it doesn’t change the conclusions. Any criticism will just call attention to this message… which is a wonderful thing.


Let’s work together around our common goals and put aside the distraction issues that the 2 parties use to polarize us to maintain their status quo.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to Reset America.