Our Apologies

When is Freedom Not Worth Fighting For?

Our website is not perfect... and will never be.

We needed to get our overall message out now so that we can be begin collecting donations. We need these funds to kick-off this movement including completing the book and producing the documentary. So, we'd like to apologize for a few things upfront:


This is the first release of our messaging and website. We have a specific list of features planned and with just a few dollars, we can finish these next set of enhancements.

Links and book excerpts

Menu pages at the top of the homepage for bios, media, press, etc.

Details descriptions and outlines for the programs that are currently in the works.

Improved designs and content for our website and other materials.

Reset merchandise & ecommerce

Volunteer network… but until we have a formal program in place, please Like and Share these messages.

But the problems and solutions remain the same.

We apologize that some of this material (facts, data, etc.) might be a bit old. We simply don't have time to make sure that all this content is perfect at this time. But, regardless of the details, the general argument and problems apply more than ever.

Our message might not be worded perfectly.

It may not include the best examples to prove a point.

Data may not be current or 100% accurate.

Though the wording and data may not be completely accurate, it does not diminish the importance of this message or change the only realistic strategy to change it.

Unlike career politicians, we are not paid to do this.

We are not paid to spread this message – unlike politicians and other political insiders -- who collect huge salaries and have unlimited resources to maintain their power. the careers of their entire staffs depends on their success in maintaining the status quo. For those who fight for our freedom, the opposite is true. Building this movement takes time away from my business and generating income for my family. This is one of many ways that the establishment maintains its grip on power.

We’re not paid extremely well by the government to run a perpetual campaign like the politicians

We don't have huge staffs whose jobs rely on getting politicians reelected.

We don’t have researchers, speech writers, media contacts, resources, money to get this message out.

We don’t get invited to speak at events on a regular basis or get in the news with a single phone call.

We can’t pass laws that only benefit myself.

We can’t do this full-time like these huge campaigns. I have to earn a living for my family and myself.

Read Mistaken Beliefs to discover the unfair advantages of incumbents and other ways that the establishment stays in power to protect the status quo.

We don’t have all the answers... and never will.

Unlike today’s career politicians who claim to have the answer to every problem, we don’t. But, we know what questions to ask. "How do I know I’d be a good president? Easy. I’d surround myself with people who are more qualified than me. Unfortunately, today’s politicians think otherwise; as they feel intimidated and threatened if they’re not the smartest one in the room.” Mike Gozian


Let’s work together around our common goals and put aside distraction issues that the establishment uses to polarize voters to maintain their status quo.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to Reset America.