A Simple Plan to take back our Government

If you want to build a new house, but there’s an old shack in the way, no amount of remodeling will work. You need to tear that old barn down and build something new.

It's time to replace our corrupt 2-party system.

Attention fellow Americans. Incremental change is no long a valid option. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our world fall apart.

We have lost all confidence in our government.

Our heath and quality of life are in peril.

The future of democracy around the world is in jeopardy.

As bad as government is now, it keeps getting worse and worse faster. The dreadful ramifications of our pay-to-play political environment go far beyond the lying, illegal campaign contributions, unethical election practices, return for favors, manipulation of the news, media and facts, and much more.

Are you as confused as much as us?

Our recent elections have exposed some bizarre and unexplained contradictions:

At 90%, we have the highest disapproval rating for congress - yet their re-election rate is over 90%. (This is equal to the former Soviet Pollitt bureau.)

82% of voters want term limits and 80% distrust government – yet we continue to support the 2 parties that got us into this mess.

70% voters say that the 2 parties don’t represent them - yet we cling to the mistaken belief that ‘voting for a 3rd party is a waisted vote’. 

We had the two most unpopular presidential candidates in our history – yet less than 5% of people voted for someone else, even though 2 other candidates had enough electoral votes to win the election.

The Real Problems are Ignored.

We listen to the news. All we hear is, “the problem is this” or “the problem is that”. We never hear the real underlying problems ever addressed. What are the real problems? There are two general problems that are caused by one core problem.

It’s the best government money can buy.

Problem 1: Our Election Process is Corrupt and Obsolete.

The first problem is obvious. Simply put, the system is rigged. The 2 parties use every trick to manipulate the system to force out 3rd parties and protect the status quo.


Based on unbiassed criteria, we are ranked the least democratic nation in the world. (Technically, we’re tied for last place with Iran.) The factors that determine if you’re a democracy is covered in detail in the book, but here’s a summary.


Everyone gets to vote… not true.


All votes are equal… even less true.


People get to vote for whom they want… couldn’t get less true.

There are many changes that we can make to fix our election process. They are right at our fingertips. Literally. But none of these changes will ever happen with the same 2 parties that got us into this mess.


These are examined in the book: enacting ranked choice voting, term limits, recall elections, transparency, campaign finance reform, overhauling the primary system, abolishing influence peddling and jerrymandering, stopping all illegal and unethical election practices including making it easier to get the candidate of your choice on your ballot. (Notice that I didn’t mention the electoral college since it has become a partisan issue. Our goal at Reset America is to unite all people towards a common goal.)

The lessor of two evils is still evil.

Problem 2: We only Vote for Democrats or Republicans.


I hold the most unusual opinion that the lessor of two evils is still evil – and I’m betting that you do too.


The second problem is that people are convinced that they can’t vote for anyone outside the 2 parties or genitals will fall off. The two parties have brilliantly manipulated us into believing the lie (Mistaken Belief #10)… that is, ‘voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote’.


Consider the following… I’d like to run for the US senate in Oregon. But I know that if I run as an independent then I don’t stand a chance… unless I sell out. You see, if I sell out and run as a democrat or republican, then I would be considered a ‘serious’ candidate. But if I stick to my principles and run as an independent, then I’m branded ‘unrealistic’ or ‘delusional’.


I can’t find anywhere in the constitution where it says you need to be a democrat or republican to run for office. But, that’s exactly where we are today. This is the final straw that forced me to write this book.

The Root Cause of all our Problems

Although these problems are real, they are still not the root cause of our troubles. More and more, we rely on unconscious biological factors to help us make decisions.


In our ever-increasing wired society, we are less connected to our candidates than ever before. Their entire campaign can be run from a studio - replacing the handshake and once revered ‘look in the eyes’ with tweets and video clips.


There many of these unconscious biological behaviors at play. In this book, the identify 9 human behaviors, 14 behavioral influences, and 12 neuro biases. But the most relevant is, Herd Behavior. (You’ll see in the book how Trump’s behavioral issues combined with years of skilled hucksterism makes him uniquely skilled in exploiting this behavior in people.)


These unconscious influences are easy to overcome. All it takes is realizing that they exist - and that we have the power to make voting decisions that are in the best interest for ourselves - and not based on biases, public opinion and spin. This, of course, is one of the primary goals of this book.

The Solution: End our Destructive 2 Party System.

My goal is to convince the American People that we can choose how we want to be governed as a people and not simply accept the model that’s offered by the Washington establishment.


Reset America is a realistic plan to take back government and choose how we want to be governed as a society. The plan is simple to understand and make happen. We believe that our government must be “reset” by replacing our current career politicians with new people: people who care more about the greater good than their own personal gain.

The Reset America Principles

Here’s our plan. We propose that all Americans only vote for candidates who pledge their support on a list of principles. We endorse any candidate. Here are our principles.


Is something wrong or missing? We invite you to add to this list or make your own and share it with us. The point is that we need to vote based on any set of principles rather than how we think other people will vote.


Voters need to understand that no matter how much we hate what the politicians are doing, they do a superb job. The problem is that their goals and our goals are not the same. Their goal is to get re-elected and with a 90% re-election rate, the system works exactly as they designed it to work.


Does anyone really believe that we could give all this power and money to a small group of people and not expect them to manipulate the system for their own benefit? Who’s really to blame for our troubles? The politicians who are just looking out for themselves, or us for not holding them accountable?

Change can Only come from Outside a System.

Change can only come from outside the system. In fact, every revolutionary change on the planet comes from outside the system. Just consider these examples:

The iPhone didn't come from AT&T.

Amazon didn't come from a department store.

AirBNB didn’t come from a hotel chain.

Uber didn’t come from a taxi company.

YouTube didn’t come from a TV network.

PornHub didn’t come from Playboy.

I can go on and on. It’s not that hard. (TWSS)

Our political system is no different. The political change that we desperately need is not going to come from the 2 party system.


“Politicians talk about change, but our problems just get worse. Those who created this mess - those who profit by the status quo - have no reason to change. They only listen to you on election day. After that, we don’t matter.” Mike Gozian, Libertarian National Convention. Watch his speech on CSPAN.

The Issues don’t Matter.

The only chance that you will ever have to achieve your own particular political goals is to join together to achieve our common goal of creating a democratic election process.

We all just want a system where all the issues are addressed honestly, without money or self-interest involved. But for this to happen, we must fix the root problem.

The Reset America plan does not embrace any one specific partisan issue. We purposely don’t take sides on any partisan issue. You can be democrat, republican, liberation, green, pro-clown or anti-clown. Our goal is to unify all people around our common desire to take back government from career politicians and the Washington establishment.

I don't even care what your issues are. I just want YOUR desires, YOUR goals, YOUR life to be in YOUR control. For me, the only issue that’s important is what we can do to change the system.

It doesn’t matter what you want to see changed in Washington. It’s a complete waste of time to spend time or money trying to effect policy on ANY issue until we first fix our election process. But this will not happen with the same people who profit by the system that they themselves created. For example…

You won’t get peace when so many people profit from war.

You’re not going to get people healthy when big pharma has two lobbyists per politician.

You won’t address climate change while congress is in the pockets of the energy companies.

You won’t achieve social equality while most of congress are old, rich, white men.

You won’t protect voter rights when both parties fight vigorously to protect the 2 party system.

Should I continue?

There are Never just 2 Sides to an Issue.

There are never only two solutions to a problem. In fact, there are viable solutions that cost nothing to make happen, but they’re not even considered because they don’t benefit the people in power. Many of these solutions are covered in the book. In contrast, the only solutions that are considered are those that help congress get re-elected.


Literally ANY solution to ANY problem starts by having the courage and common sense to vote for candidates outside the 2 parties.

The Book: Mistaken Beliefs

Can this change happen? Yes, but first, we need to understand the reasons preventing it. These are the hidden causes that stop us from creating the very change that we want. These obstacles are the result of ‘mistaken beliefs’ that we embrace as a society. These beliefs are terribly wrong, and they effect how we think and act. In the book, we reveal the real problem in government, and it will probably surprise you.

We Need a Revolution.

We Need it Now.

We all know there’s a revolution coming. Our forefathers predicted that one would be needed every few generations. It’s just a bit overdue because we’ve been expecting change to occur by the same people who created this mess.


We need to STOP blaming Washington and START creating the change that we ALL KNOW that we want. Our democracy is only sustainable when we elect the very best people and continually hold them accountable.


It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Certainly not as difficult as winning a revolution against the worlds’ greatest superpower – and all the other wars that followed - where millions died to ensure us the right to choose how we wish to be governed. We owe this to all who sacrificed to provide us with the freedom that we take for granted and to future generations to give them a chance at a decent standard of living.

Time is Running Out.

There are valid solutions that exists today, but they will not be possible tomorrow. Please help us. The two parties aggressively attack and sabotage the efforts of anyone who tries to change the system. With approval ratings at record lows, politicians are terrified that voters will look outside the two parties for solutions. Any legitimate or reasonable independent or 3rd party movement is viewed as a competitor and threat.

We Must Act Now.

The time to act is now, before our country falls into economic ruin under a mountain of debt, before poverty and hunger capture another generation, before we turn a blind eye once again toward global warming and environmental disasters, before we lose all respect from foreign countries, and before the social fabric of our country takes another step toward Third World status.

Please purchase our book and donate to Reset America so that we can complete these programs quickly.

Contact people and groups who share the same vision for adding competition to our 2-party system.

Time is running out. Join us and become a Patriot in our Nation’s 2nd Revolution.