A Simple Plan to Take Back Government

Incremental Change is No Longer a Viable Option

It's time to replace our corrupt two party system of government.

Attention Fellow Americans. That’s right, We're talking to you! We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our nation and world fall apart.

We have lost all confidence in our government.

We have lost our respect as a leader among nations.

Our future and quality of life are in serious jeopardy.

Don’t fall for their trap and go back to supporting the democrats just because a worse republican is president. Constant flip-flopping between two self-serving parties to maintain their control of power is not the answer. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Are you as confused as much as us?

Our recent elections brought to light these glaring contradictions:


Without question, we had the two worst presidential candidates in history - yet less than 5% of voters backed someone other than the top 2 candidates.


The approval rating in congress is the lowest in history (under 10%) - yet the reelection rate is over 90%. If elections were fair and democratic, then how can this be? Why doesn’t supply equal demand?

We listen to the news. All we hear is, “the problem is this” or “the problem is that”. Not once is the real underlying problem discussed or mentioned. Not once. What’s the real problem? Well, you need to buy the book (jkof). Seriously though, there are only two problems and only one cause.

It’s the best government money can buy.

Problem 1: Our Election Process is Corrupt and Obsolete.

The first problem is obvious – simply put the system is rigged. Democrats and republicans use every trick to manipulate the system and your vote. Most people are effectively shut out of the primary and general-election process. Only a fraction of voters determines the party’s nominee. Yet both Clinton and Trump both “earned” their party’s nomination. General elections are no different. Unless you live in a large swing-state (where the polls close early), your vote doesn’t matter either.


All of the changes that we could ever want is right at our finger tips. Literally. We can decide – as a people – to create what ever process and laws we want for elections and government, and in general ending all illegal and unethical practices - practices that makes us tied with Iran for the least democratic nation in the world.


Here are just a few of the things that we can change when we take back control of government: increasing transparency, overhauling the primaries, abolishing the electoral college, influence peddling and jerrymandering, enacting ranked choice voting, term limits, recall elections and much more.

The lessor of two evils is still evil.

Problem 2: We only Vote for Democrats or Republicans.


The second problem is that people are convinced that they can’t vote for anyone except a democrat or republican. The two parties have brilliantly convinced voters of the most dangerous mistaken belief that ‘voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote’. We have become manipulated into voting for one of two pre-selected Manchurian candidates. Over time, all ‘top two’ voting models (the voting model that we use here in the U.S.) evolve into choosing between the ‘lessor of two evils’. But this doesn’t need to be the case.


We hold the uncommon opinion that the lessor of two evils is still ‘evil’ – and we are willing to bet that you do too.

Are we really this stupid?

We all hear about the private conversations that politicians have about how stupid we voters are. Imagine if a presidential candidate ever said this, “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.” Would you still vote for him if he was the party’s nominee? Sadly, we know the answer to be true. What's even worse is that we’re still better off with Trump than we would have been with a criminal.

Read what I wrote in 2006 – and why it was completely wrong!

There are no other problems.

These two problems are the single most important issues facing our nation. There are the only two problems. Yet, the media fails to understand or address these issues. (Please forward this message to all media outlets and other organizations that share a similar vision of creating a fair and democratic election process.)


Does this make any sense? 


If you are part of the over 95% who continue to support the democrat and republican parties, then consider this statement...

“I’d like to resume my campaign for president in 2020 - but I don’t stand a chance. That is, unless I sell out. If I sell out and be a democrat or republican, then I’m considered a ‘serious candidate'. But if I stick to my principles and run as an independent (and not be a slave to special interests and aparty), then I’m ‘insane’. Let me get this straight. I'm ‘crazy’ for trying to change the system by running as a non-democrat or republican - but I’m a ‘serious candidate' when I’m for sale.” Mike Gozian.

The root cause of all our problems.

But, even after we said all of this, we're still not addressing the real cause of these problems.


Our world is getting more connected every day. But in our ever-increasing wired society, candidates are less connected to their audience. Entire campaigns can be run from a single studio - replacing the handshake and once revered ‘look in the eyes’.


More and more, we rely on psychological factors to help us make decisions. There many unconscious biological behaviors at play (these are covered in the book), but the most relevant for our purposes is commonly referred to as, Herd mentality (or 'stupidity of crowds'). Trumps unique ego-driven personality combined with years of practiced hucksterism makes him distinctively skilled in exploiting this behavior in people.


It’s easy to understand and combat, but first we need to understand what it is and its effect on our ability to make intelligent and conscious decisions that are best for ourselves. The popular book, Freakenomnics, showed that the only true predictor of human behavior is how people are incentivized.


If this is true, then who’s to blame for our current situation? The politicians who are human beings looking out for themselves, or ‘We the People’ who blindly support a system that is corrupt and threating our nation and quality of life.

Learn why herd mentality (a.k.a. behavior of crowds) and other unconscious behaviors are the root of all our problems and the single factor that is preventing the change we want in the book, Mistaken Beliefs.

We need a Revolution. We need it Now.

We all know there’s a revolution coming. This is the spark we’ve been waiting for. Studies show that well over 80% of people don’t approve of our current two-party system and want change. As a matter of fact, “Americans are Polarized” is one of our top 10 mistaken beliefs.


So, if people want change, why doesn’t it happen? Until now, there hasn’t been a specific plan with a realistic strategy to take an honest look at where we are and where we want to be. It’s the peaceful revolution that our forefathers predicted would be needed every few generations. It’s just a bit overdue because we’ve been expecting change to occur by the same people who created and who benefit by the existing system.


We need to stop blaming Washington and start creating the change that we all know that we need. Our democracy is only sustainable when we elect the very best people and continually hold them accountable.

A simple way to hold our elected officials accountable.

Reset America is a realistic plan to take back government and choose how we want to be governed as a society. The plan is simple to understand and easy to make happen. We believe that our government must be “reset” by replacing our current career politician with new people: people who care more about the greater good than their own personal gain. And if you think it’s bad now, the circus in Washington is getting much worse faster when you consider how the corruption and insanity has exploded in recent years.


“We need to start thinking for ourselves and not be negatively influenced by people who have their own motives and objectives”, Mike Gozian.


The dreadful ramifications of our pay-to-play political environment go far beyond those illegal campaign contributions, committee appointments, return for favors, manipulation of the news and media. The only solutions that are considered and debated are those that put money into the pockets of those who pay to influence policies and the politicians who solicit and accept these bribes. There are viable solutions that cost nothing to make happen, but they’re not even considered because they don’t benefit the people in power.

The Reset America Plan

We propose that all Americans only vote for candidates who pledge their support on a list of principles. We endorse any candidate (from president to water commissioner) who adopts these values. If they don’t agree to these values or violate them, then, as a people, we will no longer support their campaign. It’s that simple. Here are our principles.


How did we arrive at this list? From you! These principles were created from blogs, tweets and data about what we want and what is possible. Is something wrong or missing? We invite you to add to this list or make your own and share it with us. We’ll include all legit replies to our list.


    And what do we do when they don’t? Then, we replace them too with new people who pledge to support these principles. Yes, freedom isn’t free at all. It’s earned. And, a democracy is an ongoing responsibility for each of us. Does anyone really believe that we could give all this power and money to a small group of people and NOT expect them to manipulate the system for their own benefit?


    "We need to forget our current two-party model of government that has, over time, corrupted Washington and set us on a disastrous trajectory. When a building is obsolete and can no longer be repaired, it must be knocked-down and then rebuilt." Mike Gozian


    It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Certainly not as difficult as winning a revolution – and other wars that followed - where millions died to ensure us the right to choose how we want to be governed as a people. We owe this to all who sacrificed to provide the freedom that we take for granted. This is our chance to repay our forefathers for the sacrifices they made for us.

    How this movement is different.

    Polling data proves that we are finally fed up with the filth that spews from Washington every day. (Personal note: It’s sad that the city that bears the name of a great forefather has evolved into this. If he were alive today, he would be turning in his grave.) From celebrities to business leaders, activists are all calling for us to rise above the partisan bickering. We want solutions, not lies, empty promises and finger pointing. The polarization of our nation must end, or we must end.


    We fail to realize that this great political divide was purposely created by the establishment. The democrat and republican parties, aided and abetted by the tricksters in cable news, the mainstream media, and social media, continually fuel and perpetuate this division.


    As you’ll see, this is not about any particular issue. (Frankly, we don’t care how you feel about any specific issue.) We all just want a system where all issues are addressed honestly, without money or people’s self-interest involved. Regardless of how passionate you may feel about a specific issue, we assure you that nothing will change - while those in power continue to make laws for their own gain to protect the status-quo.


    We need to stitch the country back together into a unified cause. The Reset America movement does not embrace any one specific partisan issue. And the movement embraces everyone - black, brown, red, yellow, white, and all religions and political leanings. Our goal is to unify around our common hopes and dreams for our families, our neighbors, our country and our planet. (There’s just one planet. Let’s stop destroying it. Just a thought.)

    We’ve done it before. We can do it again.

    Cooperation with other people and groups has been successful in the past. In Mike’s early years fighting for peace and democratic elections, the Libertarian and Green Parties shared the Nobel Prize for Peace. Here’s Mike addressing delegates at the Green Party national convention and on CSPAN at the Libertarian Party national convention in 2006.


    Can this change happen? Yes, but first, we need to understand the fundamental reasons preventing it. These are the hidden causes that prevent us from creating the very change that we want and we know that we need. These underlying obstacles are the result of ‘mistaken beliefs’ that we embrace as a society. These beliefs are terribly wrong, and they effect how we think and act.


    Mistaken Beliefs is written by Mike Gozian. It uncovers the basic human behaviors and dangerous untruths that need to be understood before any change can happen. We also uncover many of the unethical and illegal practices of incumbent candidates. Of course, these are just the ones that we were victim to.


    The two parties cleverly and aggressively attack and sabotage the efforts of anyone who tries to change the system. With approval ratings at record lows, politicians are terrified that voters will look outside the two parties for solutions. Any legitimate or reasonable independent or 3rd party movement is viewed as a competitor and threat.

    The book explains the real problem in government (it's not what you think.)

    View the Table of Contents and the Top 10 Mistaken Beliefs.

    Learn about a special gift when you pre-order the book today.

    Mike Gozian, Founder of Reset America

    In 2006, Mike Gozian began a campaign for president. In the early stages, he was the leading independent candidate beating Hillary Clinton in online polls until he was pressured out of the race by the political establishment. News agencies, including CNN, asked for interviews after the election about his experience, but he was too disappointed and demoralized with the experience to relive and relate the sordid details.

    Mike learned firsthand what it was like running for national office as a political outsider. Read the shocking story in the book, Mistaken Beliefs.

    Learn the fascinating story of the presidential candidate that the media refers to as the most revolutionary figure in modern U.S. politics.


    It doesn’t matter what you want to see changed in Washington… ending our wars, wasteful spending, lobbyists, election reform, health care, immigration, education, and so on. The book includes many examples of easy solutions that cost nothing to implement and why they are not supported by the democrat and republican parties. For example:

    You won’t get peace when so many people make so much money from war.

    You’re not going to get people healthy when big pharma has two lobbyists for each politician.

    You can’t fight drugs and crime with a for-profit justice and prison system.

    The issues don’t matter. First, we need to fix the system.

    Literally ANY solution to ANY problem starts by holding our leaders accountable. Then, having the common sense and personal integrity to vote for candidates outside the two main parties.


    It’s a complete waste of time to spend time or money trying to effect policy on ANY issue or at ANY level of government until we first fix our election process. But, this will not happen with the same people who created and profit by the current system that they themselves created for their benefit.


    There are never only two solutions to a problem. There are, however, only two solutions that benefit the people in power. Nothing will change so long as the only concern and motivation in congress is getting reelected. From the minute they are elected there is a non-stop drive to fundraise (i.e., solicit bribes) and consequently return the favors of their ‘contributions’.

    The situation is urgent.

    Our nation and planet are faced with a multitude of converging threats. This is a chart that we produced in 2006 that shows the direction that we were headed at that time. It has not been updated since, but it proves our point.


    We must reset our government by replacing all democrats and republicans with people who uphold our values (your values, my values, any values!) It’s the only way that we can honestly address the serious issues facing our future and implement real solutions.

    Incremental change is no longer a viable course of action.

    There are valid solutions that exists today, but they will not be viable tomorrow. Please help us. Time is running out. Join us and become a Patriot in our Nation’s 2nd Revolution.

    Like and Share our messages with friends and fellow patriots.

    Contact people and organizations who share the same vision for accountability and a democratic election process.

    Please donate to Reset America so that we can complete these programs immediately.

    The success of this movement depends on your support. This includes YOU… our neighbors, friends and friends to be. Please pre-order our book and help fund these critical programs.


    Together,  we can Reset America before it's too late.