Reset America is a simple plan to replace career politicians and our corrupt 2-party monopoly.

Politicians openly sell you out because they know that they will be re-elected no matter how much they put their interests before yours. They know that they’ll be re-elected because they passed election laws that prevent competition. This is the only way that Congress can achieve a 95% re-election rate with a horrible 10% approval rating.


80% of voters already want the specific policies what we’re fighting for. Reset America is a simple plan to give you what you know that we need. The plan is easy, doesn’t cost a thing and is guaranteed to gain the support of Congress. (Click here to learn how.)


There are simple, no-cost solutions to our worst problems that aren’t considered because they don’t help politicians get re-elected. The video below explains our plan. If this message moves you, then please join us at Reset America, and help us accomplish our goals.

Current Projects


Help us produce a full-length documentary based on our 2007 video that won 4 awards for best short political video. People need to know the truth about how the two parties rig the system to stay in power, why they are really the same, and why re-election controls every decision made in Washington.

Online Programs

Learn about our plans for satirical and entertaining videos, our rapid response network, recruitment, training and affiliate program, including a comedy, game show and news program for which Barely Political and the Comedy Channel have already produced a few pilots.

Join our Team

We have exciting projects ready to launch, but we need your help. We need social media experts, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and motivated patriots with experience managing fundraising campaigns, and whatever else that our wicked minds can devise to break the status quo.

Peace and gratitude to all those who wish to decide how we want to be governed.