Founded in 1776

Our goal is to change our election laws to create competition to our destructive 2 party system. There are valid solutions to our worst problems, but they're not in the interest of those who protect the status quo. 

"We all know a revolution is coming. This is the spark we’ve been waiting for."

Reset Principles

We propose that all Americans only vote for candidates who pledge their support on a list of principles. Here is our list of Reset Principles. Do you agree? What are yours? Tell us.

Mistaken Beliefs

Learn the common mistruths that are destroying our nation and the underlying reasons why we resist change. Get a special gift when you order today. 

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Take our Quiz

Still believe that change can happen from within the two parties? We want solutions, not more promises and finger pointing. Take this quiz, then decide if we are ‘polarized’.

Current Projects

Support these projects if you believe in Freedom, Accountability and Self-determination.


Help us produce a full-length documentary about our message and our award-winning internet video from 2007. People need to know the truth about how the two parties control their political power.

Online Programs

Learn about how our plans for our expanded website, relevant and satirical videos, social media and a comedy news show. Outlines and scripts from these programs will be posted shortly.

Message & Movement

There are a few specific projects that are close to being finished. We need your help to make this happen. Please purchase our book and donate towards completing these critical programs.

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