It's the Perfect Time to Start a New Party

We fought a revolution to take control of our government from the British. It’s time we take back control of our government from the 2 parties.

This is the perfect chance to take back control of our Government.

Right now, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for third-party candidates. The Senate is split 50-50 with both parties requiring that their members vote their way. This split presents a unique opportunity for independent candidates. Just one independent senator will have the swing vote in every partisan decision.


Imagine if a true 3rd party candidate was elected to the US Senate. Then, we alone would determine the next Senate Majority Leader, plus committee members, chairmanships and much more. We can use this power to pass our first three goals; Ranked Voting, Term Limits and Equal Campaign Laws.


It is my desire to build a coalition with a small number of intelligent, serious candidates who would like to run for national office under a new party, perhaps the Reset Party. By having the deciding vote on every close bill, we would be able to negotiate extraordinary deals for the residents of their respective states. This is real power that is currently not available to the residents of their states, and is not possible with current Democrat and Republican legislators.

The high cost to bribe and mislead the public.

Independent candidates have one more thing going for themselves… we don't need to raise money to mislead and bribe voters. The amount of money that 3rd parties spend per vote is a fraction of what the two major parties spend.

The average cost per vote for a 3rd party candidate is under $3.00.

The average cost per vote for a 2-party candidate is hard to know. The amount of money spent that is reported is about $20-25 per vote. However, this figure does not include dark money which is now in the billions. The total amount spent is somewhere between $20 – $100 per vote.

Apparently, it costs much more when you lie and cheat.

A small donation goes a long way.

Just imagine if 3rd parties had just 1% of the money raised by the two major parties. With this amount alone, independent candidates will be able to spread their message to our entire population. This is the greatest threat to the Democrat and Republican Parties and the biggest opportunity for the American People.

A revolution is coming. The question is will it be a violent one and what will our country look like when the mob takes control?

It’s time to Reset America.