Get Involved

 Be a Patriot in our Nation’s Second Revolution

Programs that are ready to launch.

Please don’t wait for things to magically get better by the politicians who promise change while they rig the system to stay in power.


There are a few exciting projects that we’d like to roll-out as fast as possible, but we need your help to make it happen. We have satirical and entertaining videos, social media programs, candidate recruitment and training and a Reset America affiliate program.

We have plans to develop a political comedy variety show that pokes fun at the lies and hypocrisy in Washington. It’s part game show and news program, and it’s called, This Week’s Lies. The Comedy Channel and Barely Political expressed interest and produced a number of short pilots based on an earlier version of the show. 

Be a producer in our upcoming documentary.

Help fund a full-length documentary based on our award-winning video.


We are currently raising funds to produce a full-length documentary. This film will be based on the book, Mistaken Beliefs, and on our 2007 short video, Kiss Freedom Goodbye. This internet video exposed some of the ways that the two parties secretly use to rig the system, force out competition and maintain their grip on power. It won the following awards.

The Telly Award for Best Internet Commercial for Political Issues

The W3 Award for Best Viral Marketing Video for Activism

The Marcom Award for Best Political Web Video

The Ava Award for Best New Media Political Video

What other crimes are out there waiting to be exposed? Let’s find out together. Help educate the American People by funding our documentary. We are quite confident that we can repeat the success of this video with our new documentary.

Get involved in determining your future.

I’d like to work with a group of folks who are passionate, hard-working, and agree with this message. This includes everything from producing our upcoming documentary to running the entire organization, Reset America.

To start, we need social media experts, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and other motivated patriots with experience managing Patrion and kick-starter campaigns.

I’m not going to live forever, and it would be a terrible shame if this message died with me. Plus, it’s much more enjoyable working with other committed individuals. (That is, people who are committed, and not people who should be committed... although, in our case, one doesn’t preclude the other.)

Please contribute your time or money.

To do all this, we need your help. Please contribute to Reset America. But we are not asking you to contribute more funds than you already donate. Take a fraction of what you normally give to the Democrat and Republican Parties and redirect those funds to help organizations dedicated to abolishing our 2 party system.

Luckily, your donations go a long way. Our message sells itself, so we don’t need much to get the message out. The average cost per vote for the 2 parties, is $20, but the average cost per vote 3rd parties is under $3.00 (It costs more if you lie and cheat.) Also, there are many states where you can make a $50 donation ($100 per couple) and get back an equal tax credit. This means that your donation will cost you nothing. Oregon is such a state.

Working with the media.

Surveys, Polls & Questionnaires


Each time we see a poll that doesn’t include 3rd parties, then we alert our response network. Two excellent examples of this are Amnesty International and Public Breastfeeding. Whenever a major human rights violation occurs anywhere in the world or a woman is denied the ability to breastfeed, an army of volunteers floods the mailboxes, phones and social media of the offending party. It works, plain and simple.


Amnesty International and Breastfeeding

There is a very easy and no cost way to spread this message. It is to require all polls, surveys and questionnaires to include all independent candidates and 3rd parties.

There are countless polls circulated online, but most only mentioned the top 2 parties. The media doesn’t recognize independent candidates because “they don't stand a chance”… but the danger is that this thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just by having other options listed makes a big difference in how we are perceived by the public. By having independent candidates and 3rd parties be visible, voters will be reminded that they have other options, and other non-2-party candidates will be encouraged to run for office.

But it’s not like we need to twist arms. Most people in the media are regular folks who care about our future too, and when they hear this message, they realize their oversight and quickly do the right thing.

Help spread this message.

In the meantime, forward this message to all your friends – especially contacts in the media, bloggers, commentators, celebrities, artists, musicians, Youtubers, and anyone who looks like Benicio Del Toro and sounds like Billy Crystal (wait… that’s Mike!)


People who fight the establishment sacrifice both their reputation and livelihood. But I’m not quitting. I’m just a crazy enough shit to stick to my principles and I’m hoping that you do to. The frustrating reality is that if I spent a fraction of my time and money on furthering the democratic or republican agenda, then I’d have a bridge (or at least a rundown alley) named after me by now." Mike Gozian

Your financial help will help us complete these projects before the midterm elections. We can’t afford to let more time pass by.