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Be a Patriot in our Nation’s Second Revolution

Make a Difference

There’s nothing more important in our life than choosing how we wish to be governed. But currently, our political system is controlled by dishonest politicians who belong to two self-serving parties. We can change our political system, but only if everyone understands the truth about our condition.


So, please broadcast this message to as many people as you can, including coworkers, schoolmates, church folk, your Shaman, bail bondsmen, and fellow astronauts.


Here are some things that we can all do to make a difference. Please let us know if you’d like to join our team and which projects interest you.

We have Programs are ready to Launch

There are a few exciting projects that we’d like to roll-out as fast as possible – and your financial assistance will help us complete these faster. These include, satirical and entertaining videos, social media programs, candidate recruitment and training, the Rapid Response Network, building a volunteer army, helping candidates campaign and fundraise.

Please give your Time or Money

To do all this, we need your help. But we are not asking you to contribute more than you already donate. Just take a fraction of what you normally give to the Democrats and Republicans   and redirect those funds to help an organization dedicated to solving our root problem… that is, ending our 2-party monopoly.

Be a Producer in our upcoming Documentary


What other crimes are out there waiting to be exposed? Help fund a full-length documentary based on the book, Mistaken Beliefs, and on our 2007 short video, Kiss Freedom Goodbye. This internet video exposed some of the ways that the two parties secretly use to rig the system, force out competition and maintain their grip on power. It won the following awards.

The Telly Award for Best Internet Commercial for Political Issues

The W3 Award for Best Viral Marketing Video for Activism

The Marcom Award for Best Political Web Video

The Ava Award for Best New Media Political Video

We are very confident that we can repeat the success of this video with our new documentary.


This Weeks Lies Comedy Program


We have plans to develop a political comedy variety show that pokes fun at the lies and hypocrisy in Washington. It’s part game show and news program, and it’s called, This Week’s Lies. The Comedy Channel and Barely Political produced a number of short pilots based on an earlier version of the show. These videos on the Reset America YouTube page.

Help us to Protect your Voting Rights

The 2 parties create steep hurdles that prevent you from voting for candidates outside the 2 parties. Many of these are illegal. So, 3rd Parties are forced to use their limited funds to fight for your right to vote for whom you want. As vice chairman of the Libertarian Party, I experienced first-hand the two areas where 3rd parties are forced to spend all their time and money. They are collecting signatures and suing the government for illegal campaign rules.

3rd parties are required to collect an absurd number of signatures just to get the names of candidates on ballots. Gathering signatures is hard work and the 2 parties know this. This is precisely why they require a near impossible number of signatures just to get a name on a ballot.


And let’s face it, who wants to give out their personal information to strangers during a pandemic. What’s more, the number of signatures required by 3rd parties can be up to 10 times more than those of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Who is this meant to benefit?

3rd parties are constantly suing states and the federal government to defend against illegal campaign practices that prevent any competition from taking hold. Most of these cases are either won or they are thrown out by judges who were appointed by the 2 parties and whose careers are influenced by their decisions. I am unaware of any cases that were lost based on the merits. Over the years, there has been over 100 lawsuits brought by 3rd party and other independent groups.


Here’s just one example. In the 2008 presidential election, 3rd parties gathered enough signatures for their candidates to appear on the ballot in Louisiana. But on the date of the filing deadline, state offices were closed due to Hurricane Gustaf. On the first day that offices were reponed, the 3rd parties submitted their signatures, but they were denied because they missed the deadline date.


However, the 2 major parties were allowed to summit their papers late. We sued the Secretary of State’s office, but the court upheld the decision that the signatures should not be counted

As I said before, this is why we never see ads for 3rd party candidates. All their money is spent trying to get their names on ballots and defending your right to vote for who you want. There are simply no funds left over for the important activities that 2 major parties take for granted, like fundraising, promoting candidates, outreach and recruitment, candidate development, volunteer networking, media development and so on and so on.


Incumbent politicians have numerous advantages over outsiders in re-election campaigns. These are listed in the book, Mistaken Beliefs.

Assist in Collecting Signatures

Besides forwarding this message to everyone you know, here are other ways that you can help. Unequal campaign laws are the biggest obstacle that the 2 parties make for independent candidates. All candidates running for federal office (other than Democrats and Republicans of course) are forced to collect an absurd number of signatures to just get their name on a ballot.


Do you want to hold our “leaders” accountable?... then sign petitions. Even better, volunteer to collect signatures for candidates and various causes. I guarantee that you will have a greater appreciation for what signature gatherers do. Also, don’t ignore people who are asking you to sign a petition to support a candidate or ballot measure. Instead, we all should be eager to sign any petition that creates change.


It frustrates me when people blow-off signature gatherers. It’s a crappy job and it is insulting to me when people ignore folks who spend their free time trying to help you live a better and more empowered life.

Run for Office Yourself

If you want to make an even bigger difference, then run for office. We plan to provide resources and training to independent and 3rd party candidates. For example, in the book Mistaken Beliefs, we include a list of frank questions often asked to 3rd party candidates with effective responses. (This information is from Mike Gozian when he was involved with the Libertarian and Green Parties.)


Here are some meaningful benefits to running for office as a 3rd party candidate.

It shows others that there are people in this world who are willing to fight for change despite the ridicule and long odds.

It also causes (and with any luck, forces) the Democratic and Republican Parties to spend money that they would rather use to attack each other.

It’s great training to improve your public speaking and presentation skills.

You get to work with and hang out with cool people.

Even with no campaigning, you will probably get 5-15% of the vote just because so many people hate the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Stop Supporting the 2 Parties

We can blame the politicians and the 2 parties for driving us off a cliff. That might make us feel better for a moment - but we are allowing the 2-party monopoly to push us closer and closer to 3rd world status and taking our planet with it. Now it is you and I who need to step up to the plate, accept our role in allowing these problems to arise and take action to reverse the course of history.


The most important thing that we must do is stop supporting the Democratic and Republican Parties. This shouldn’t be too hard to do since it means requiring you to do literally nothing. Even the laziest of Americans should nail this one. Take all the money that you donate to them and put it back into your wallet. Better yet, give a portion to us and spend the rest on anything that makes you happy and feel better.


Of course, they’re going to tell us that there’s no one else qualified for the jobs and that voting for a 3rd party is a stupid idea.  They’re also going to say that they have answers to all our problems. They’re going to tell us what we want to hear.


They’re laughing at us right now. They’re reading this message and saying there’s no chance that this is going to take hold because the American People are too stupid, too distracted, and too lazy to vote us out. They have no need to worry. Their story that “voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote’ is working brilliantly.

Support Real Change Instead

There are good candidates running for office that need your support. 3rd parties need to raise funds to collect an unreasonable number of signatures in order to get the candidate’s names on ballots. They also need funds in order to sue states for election violations.


If you really want to make a difference, then give to Reset America. All change starts with who we elect to office. We need a voter revolution and (at a minimum) add much needed competition to the 2 parties. These are the people who are destroying our nation for their political self-interest. Don’t buy their lies anymore.

Don’t let them ignore the real issues (and practical solutions) because they don’t help re-elections.

Don’t buy into their lies saying that they care about the future. They caused the situation we’re in now.

Don’t let them blame someone or something else for our current situation. After all, they make the laws.

Don’t let them change the facts or manipulate data to make our situation look better than it really is.

Both parties are equally guilty of these actions. And the bar is set so low that a President is considered to be successful if only 50% of voters approve of their performance. If a businessperson conducted themselves this way, then they would be fired at once. Yet, our politicians keep their jobs, their benefits and their severance packages. If you think that this is wrong, then let’s stop it now!

We must Educate the Media

We must stop talking about WHAT politicians say and start talking about WHY they say what they say.


It’s frustrating to watch the news and see all the attention focused in the wrong direction. We need to stop direction from the media and start taking action for ourselves. Here are some things that we can do right now to engage the media. I’m sure there are more. Please send to us your suggestions. We will be keeping our website,, up to date with this information.


Insist that the media is asking the right questions. We know that the Democrats are criminals and that the Republicans are liars. Reporting every detail of everything they do wrong is a waste of time. They are distractions that do not address the core issue - which is why we chose to accept our fate. There needs to be more news coverage about the issue of change. I know you agree because you’re reading this now. The media will cover these issues if we contact them and demand that they focus on the larger issues.

The Big Picture is Ignored

The media is not asking the right questions. They talk about the symptoms of our problems, but they ignore the big picture. The level of “getting to the root of a problem” is a 3 when it should be a 10.


They don’t talk about what’s most important like the motivations or intentions behind issues. They only report on trivial topics, like what Trump lied about today. We know he lies. Even his supporters know this. How is this news? Here’s another example. Trump just submitted a motion for an appeal. The news is analyzing the merits of the arguments in the motion. But so what? The goal of the motion is not to make a legal point. He just wants to delay the trial, so he needs to invent justifications to support his excuses. It doesn’t matter what those arguments are. They are just made-up, but the news and podcasters only focus on the details which are just meaningless.


Here are some of the issues that should be addressed. We need to make the media know that these are the issues that we want discussed.

How is the system rigged and what we can do about it?

Why are people afraid of change?

Practical and valid ideas to fix our problems and why these are not even considered.

How our election process evolved in a way that allowed the 2 parties to nominate the 2 most disliked party nominees in US history in the last two presidential elections.

What are the unconscious variables that effect our decisions, like confirmation bias and herd mentality?

How could Donald Trump win the Republican primary with only 8.4% of the vote, and what can we do about this?

These are the issues that we should be discussing as a nation. Everything else is just noise.

We need a 3rd Party Response Network

There’s a very easy way to add credibility and promote 3rd parties. It also costs nothing to make happen. We must demand that all 3rd party candidates appear in all surveys and questionnaires.


This is a simple first step to gain recognition. Each time we see a poll that doesn’t include 3rd parties or their candidates, then an army of concerned citizens should inform that media outlet to list ALL candidates, not just the top two. To do this, we need a Rapid Response Network to help independent candidates get noticed. This is something that we plan to do as soon as we have the time and resources.


There are countless polls circulated online. Most only mentioned the top 2 parties. The media does not recognize independent candidates because they think that they “don't stand a chance.” This ignorance creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just by having these alternatives listed makes a big difference in how we are respected by the public. This will make independent and 3rd party candidates more visible and encourage more qualified candidates to run for office.


Two excellent examples of this are Amnesty International and Public Breastfeeding. Whenever a major human rights violation occurs anywhere in the world, or a woman is denied the ability to breastfeed in public, an army of volunteers flood mailboxes, phones and social media of the offending party. All of this kicks in with the push of just one button. It really works.


But it’s not like we need to twist arms. Most people want to do the right thing and they are quick to comply. They’re people, just like you and me, who also want change. They just don’t know the importance of this oversight, and that this is literally our only hope for any political change to happen. In the meantime, forward this message to all your friends – especially contacts in the media, bloggers, commentators, celebrities, artists, musicians, Youtubers, and anyone else who is willing to endorse this message.


This is a program that we can quickly execute. A small donation of $5.00 can help make it happen. Please visit our GoFundMe and Patreon.

Join our Crew

If you agree with this message, then please help. I’d like to work with a group of folks who are hard-working and agree with this message. This includes everything from running our organization to spreading this message. We need social media experts, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers… folks with experience in fundraising, Patrion and kick-starter campaigns. I have no idea how long I have to live. (I’m not being negative, it’s just life.) It would be a terrible shame if this message died with me. Plus, It’s more fun working with others. In the words of my 17-year-old son, “You need a crew dad.”

Who’s really the “Crazy” ones?

The candidates who belong to one of the 2 parties are considered to be “legitimate candidates”, yet they are the ones who are for sale. But independent candidates – who are looking out for you – are the “crazy ones.”


Back in 2006, I was persuaded by many people to run for President. (Peer pressure got the best of me.) But, as soon as I did, the same people called me “crazy.” This is why so many independent candidates enter races and then step out, just to step back in. When you’re not running, people encourage you to enter the race, but, as soon as you do, the same people say you’re “crazy’. This is because when we think for ourselves, we think one way, but when we think on behalf of the herd, we think another way. All of these unconscious influences are covered in the book.


But who are really the crazy ones? Voters who fight to change the system for the benefit of all Americans… or voters who re-elect the same people over and over and then expect them to suddenly start doing the right thing?

Hey Celebrities!

Help us Educate Others. I’m constantly hearing celebrities, commentators, entertainers, businesspeople and even politicians complaining about our divisive 2-party system. Well, this is your chance to do something about it. I challenge each one of you to prove your commitment and backup what you say by getting involved. Just a few public

endorsements would provide the spark we need to put this set this project on fire.


One more thing. Nothing makes me angrier than when people mock or minimize 3rd parties and their candidates. Most anchors, journalists and reporters do this. They criticize literally the only option available to fix this mess, that is adding competition from outside the 2 parties.


Please forward this message to all media outlets as well as bloggers, reporters, celebrities, artists, musicians, Youtubers, TikTokers, and anyone else who demands a fair election process.

Join me in Defending your Future.

“People who fight the establishment sacrifice both their reputation and livelihood. But I’m just a crazy enough shit to stick to my principles and I’m hoping that you do to.” Mike (Gozian) Jingozian

From business leaders to celebrities to activists practically everyone is calling on us to rise above the partisan bickering for meaningful change to happen.