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Help us produce a full-length documentary based on our 2007 video that won 4 awards for Best Short Political Video. People need to know the truth about how the two parties rig the system to stay in power, why they are really the same, and why reelection controls every decision that comes out of Washington.

Other Programs

Learn about how our plans for satirical and entertaining videos, social media, candidate recruitment, training and affiliate program, and a comedy, game show and news program called, This Week’s Lies. Barely Political and the Comedy Channel expressed interest and produced a few pilots before each of us went our different ways.

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We have a few exciting projects ready to launch - but we need your help to make it all happen. We need social media experts, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and other motivated patriots with experience managing Patrion and kick-starter campaigns, and whatever else that our mischievous brains can devise to break the status quo.

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