Why we Must do this Now!

In order to achieve our goals, we must break the status quo. It goes without saying that no one in the current establishment would like this to happen, so support for this movement must come from you. Please help us by donating funds, or volunteering your time by blogging, posting videos or helping us produce our podcast, documentary and Media Response Network.


We need to tell the American People the truth about (1) what's really going on in Washington and (2) the motivations behind the decisions made by our “leaders.” For example…

How and why the people who are supposed to represent us are really representing their own interests.

Why every law passed by Congress is aimed at maximizing donations (i.e., bribes) and boosting their chances for re-election.

The problems with Congress being able to pass their own laws, especially in regards to preventing competition.

There are realistic strategies to deal with our worst problems, but these practical solutions are ignored because they don’t benefit the career politicians who make our laws.

Most importantly, you’ll be helping us execute our plan to convince all Americans to only vote for candidates who support Term Limits, Rank Voting, Equal Rules and Laws for 3rd parties.

In the process, you will be building a community of independent thinkers… people who want to do what's best for us and not simply obeying our current “ leaders” who are only representing the interests of their benefactors.

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Help us produce a full-length documentary based on our 2007 video that won 4 awards for best short political video. People need to know the truth about how the two parties rig the system to stay in power, why they are really the same, and why reelection controls every decision made in Washington.

Other Programs

Learn about our plans for satirical and entertaining videos, our rapid response network, recruitment, training and affiliate program, including a comedy, game show and news program for which Barely Political and the Comedy Channel have already produced a few pilots.

Join our Team

We have exciting projects ready to launch, but we need your help. We need social media experts, podcasters, bloggers, YouTubers, and motivated patriots with experience managing funsrasing campaigns, and whatever else that our wicked minds can devise to break the status quo.