"Mistaken Beliefs"

Dangerous Lies that are Destroying our Nation

by Mike Gozian, Founder of Reset America

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Understanding the Real Problems

The changes that we need to make to our government are clear. What’s more, voters agree on the solutions. Why then are things getting worse and not better?

The real problem in government is not what we think it is. ​​​​​​​The changes that we need to make in our government are possible - but before they can happen, we must first understand the core reasons that are preventing it.

These underlying obstacles are the result of ‘mistaken beliefs’ that we embrace as a society. These beliefs are terribly wrong. They are so wrong in fact; the complete opposite of the mistaken belief is true.

We already know the Problems and the Solutions

We know that change starts with who we elect to office. Nothing is going to change if we keep re-electing the same people who created the very mess that we are in now. But, we the public, already know this. Poll after poll, voters say that they are just as outraged as me. Consider these stats. (The sources of all the data on this website are included in the book.)

Only 9% of voters approve of the job being done by congress.

80% of voters say that they distrust government.

67% of Americans think there ought to be a 3rd party in the United States.

68% say that a 3rd party is needed.

69% of voters disapprove of the 2-party system.

61% of voters say that neither party reflects their views.

Does any of this sound like we're "polorized"? See Mistaken Belief #1.

Completed Sections for you to Read

It is my plan to publish completed sections each week. Here are some chapters to get you started. There are 110 chapters or ‘sections’. (That’s not a typo. The book is comprehensive.) Purchasing the book now will help me finish writing is faster.

Table of Contents


My Apologies

Reset America (the first half of this chapter is here)

Our Constitution was Meant to be Updated

Worse than the British Monarchy

Mike Gozian vs The Democrat and Republican Parties, et al.

The Truth about GDP

The Truth about the Dow

The Truth about the Unemployment Rate

Top 10 Mistaken Beliefs

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Mistaken Beliefs. In the book, I present quantitative evidence that each of these beliefs are false. Not only that, but the complete opposite is true.


The American People are Polarized


The Politicians are to Blame


We Live in a Democracy


There’s a Difference Between Democrats & Republicans


With Enough Money, we can Solve any Problem


There are 2 Sides to Every Position


Economic Data is Reliable and Consistent


America is a Rich Country


People don’t Care and can’t be Trusted


Voting for a Third Party is a Wasted Vote

Voters realize that the easiest way to fix our problems as to add competition to the 2-party system. This is very good news. It means that we don’t need to spend lots of time to convince voters that the system is corrupt and needs to be changed. The question is obvious… If voters want more choice, then why do we cling to the belief that voting for 3rd party is a waisted vote?


This is the purpose of this book. If we all really know what needs to be done, then why don’t we make it happen? What is preventing us from doing the exact things that we know we need to do? Why are our voting decisions completely illogical, hypocritical and contradictory?

The Purpose of this Book

Here’s what I wish to achieve by writing this book.

Expose the top 10 Mistaken Beliefs that are destroying our way of life.

Uncover the root problems that cause our illogical voting decisions. These include 9 unconscious human behaviors, 14 behavioral influences and 12 neuro biases.

Prove that the democrats and republicans are exactly the same when you see them from a 10,000 foot view.

Expose many of the unethical and illegal practices that the 2 parties use to stay in power. What else are they up to behind closed doors? Together, we’ll find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Offer a realistic plan to change our election laws in order to create competition to the 2-party system.

Provide data and talking points for the media, independent candidates and 3rd parties to help spread this critical message.

3 Books in One

This book is actually 3 books in one.

It is a book about our most dangerous mistaken beliefs. These are the thoughts that we believe to be true. This is the topic of the book that I began writing 10 years ago.

It is a book about the many unconscious biological influences that affect our decisions, and therefore, how we vote. This subject is more about human psychology than politics.

It is also a book about the many viable and cost-saving solutions that are possible when money and re-lections are not the only factors driving all decisions.

Mike Gozian, Founder of Reset America

The book is written by me, Mike Gozian. (My legal name is Jingozian. To read why I use a shorter name for social media, see the section on Name Bias.)


In 2008, I ran for president and during the early stages of my campaign, I was the leading independent candidate even beating Hillary Clinton in some online polls. The purpose of my campaign was to bring attention to our corrupt 2 party system. We achieved some major wins, like killing the national ID card program and exposing insider trading, but I needed to shift my attention to other priorities occurring in my life. News agencies, including CNN, asked for interviews after the election about my experience. But I was too sickened by the experience to relive the dirty details.


In 2007, I produced a short video that exposed some of the ways that the 2 parties use to rig the system to maintain their grip on political power. The video received the following awards for best political video:

The Telly Award for Best Internet Commercial for Political Issues

The W3 Award for Best Viral Marketing Video for Activism

The Marcom Award for Best Political Web Video

The Ava Award for best New Media Political Video

You can read more about Mike here:

Bio from: www.AngelCore.com

Bio from: www.MyStories.com

Articles from CNN, Portland Journal and Portland Sentinel

Marketer of the Year, 2011

Watch Mike at the Green Party National Convention

Watch Mike at the Libertarian National Convention

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Let’s be the Change that We all Want

All people have in common the desire for honest and fair democratic elections, peace and justice, corrupt-free politics, a healthier society, protecting our planet and sustaining our way of life.


We must rise above the partisan bickering and polarization that the establishment fuels for their own interests and take a fresh look at how we wish to be governed as a people.

How in the world can weexpect change when weelect the same exact people who got us in this mess in the first place?