"Mistaken Beliefs"

Dangerous Lies that are Destroying our Nation

by Mike Gozian, founder of Reset America

The real problem is not what you think it is.

This change can happen. But before it can, we first need to understand the fundamental reasons preventing it. These are the hidden causes that prevent us from creating the very change that we want and need.

These underlying obstacles are the result of ‘mistaken beliefs’ that we embrace as a society. These beliefs are terribly wrong, and they effect how we think and act.

The book uncovers the basic human behaviors and other dangerous truths that need to be understood before any change can occur. In it, we also expose many of the unethical and illegal practices incumbents use to stay in power. Sadly, these are just the ones that I saw firsthand as an independent candidate for president. What else they’re up to behind closed doors? Together, let’s find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Do you know what group has the most lobbyists trying to control power at your expense? The answer will shock you.

Mike Gozian

Founder, Reset America

The book is written by Mike Gozian. In 2008, Mike ran for president and during the early stages of his campaign, he was the leading independent candidate beating Hillary Clinton in online polls until he was pressured out of the race by the political establishment. You can read more about Mike and the many achievements from his campaign on social media.


The plan, called Reset America, gained quick popularity becoming our nation’s fastest growing political movement until Mike shifted his attention to other priorities that were occurring in his life. We now want to take our earlier success and achievements to a new level.


The purpose of the campaign was to bring attention to a plan to reset government by changing our election process. We achieved some major wins, like killing the national ID card program and exposing insider trading. After public pressure, congress passed a law to prohibit this. So now, insider trading is illegal - on Wednesdays - in the afternoon – when it’s raining…


News agencies, including CNN, asked for interviews after the election about his experience, but he was too disappointed and demoralized with the experience to relive and relate the sordid details. Now, Mike is telling his story. Learn firsthand what it’s like running for national office as an outsider.

Learn the fascinating story of the presidential candidate that the media refers to as the most revolutionary figure in modern U.S. politics.

Read articles and watch TV appearances from Mike Gozian on the Reset America Facebook page.

It is 90% finished. Our goal is to have it released by July 4, 2018.

In 2007, Mike Gozian produced a short video that exposed a few of the ways that the two parties use to rig the system to retain their grip on political power. The video received international recognition and was honored with the following awards.

The Telly Award for Best Internet Commercial for Political Issues

The W3 Award for Best Viral Marketing Video for Activism

The Marcom Award for Best Political Web Video

The Ava Award for Best New Media Political Video

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Table of Contents


Other PDF files

Excerpts (coming soon)


These make great topics for the media, interviews and talk radio. Please forward this message to your friends in the media are willing to fight for democracy and expose the truth about our corrupt and obselete two-party system.

What I wrote in 2007 which was completely wrong.

Why politicians are doing an excellent job… it’s just not the job you want.

How congress can have a 95% reelection rate with a 9% approval rating.

The real reason Trump was elected.

Special message from Mike for current members of congress.

Is this a message of Hate or Love?

All people have in common the desire for honest and fair democratic elections, peace and justice, corrupt-free politics, a healthier society, protecting Mother Earth, and sustaining our way of life.

We must stop and take a fresh look at how we wish to be governed as a people.

We must rise above the partisan bickering and polarization that the establishment fuels for their own self-serving interests.

We must create a healthy and sustainable society if we are to avoid an inevitable collapse.

What does this have to do with love or hate? We don’t know. We just like asking the question. Please tell us what you think. Love or hate… what motivates us more

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