Mistaken Beliefs

Dangerous Lies that are Destroying our Nation

by Mike Gozian, founder Reset America

It doesn’t matter who is president or in power. You can have George Washington, Lady Godiva, Albert Einstein, the Buddha, Rambo and Tom Brady all combined into one person, but things won’t improve under our current 2 party system.

The American People have had enough.

We demand change.

People are furious. We desperately want change and, it turns out, we know what the problems are, and we even know how to fix them.

The biggest problem in our government is the failure of our 2 party system… so it’s not surprising that every study shows that people from ‘both sides’ overwhelmingly want to add competition to the Democrat and Republican parties. 

80% of voters want term limits for Congress, however, we re-elect the same politicians over 90% of the time.

In the 2016 election, the two major candidates had the lowest approval ratings in history (Clinton with 41% and Trump with 33%), but less than 5% of people voted for a different candidate.

67% of people want active 3rd parties, yet we cling to the mistaken belief that says “voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote.” It is as if voting for a non D or R will cause our parts will fall off!

Our voting decisions are illogical.

So, if we know the problems and we know the solutions, then why don’t we do what we know we must do? Why do we vote opposite to what we say that we need to do? For example, if we already have the ability to vote out incumbents, then we don't need to pass term limits.

How is this any different from saying, “We can't have dinner tonight because Congress hasn't passed a law saying that we can eat.” We can have dinner without a law that allows us to eat, just like to can vote to end career politicians simply by not re-electing them.

The system is designed to prevent competition.

Congress has a 10-20% approval rating, but they have a 90% re-election rate. They only way that they can keep being re-elected is by preventing any competition. In the book, we expose the tricks that the Democratic and Republican parties use to stay in power and how the rules for 3rd parties are vastly different from the rules that the 2 parties make for themselves.

But before any change can happen, we must first understand the real reasons that prevent it… and these reasons are not what we think they are. These misunderstandings stem from mistaken beliefs. These are beliefs that were once true - but now the opposite of these beliefs are true. The Top 10 Mistaken Beliefs that we cover in the book are...


Voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote.


There’s a difference between the two parties.


We make logical voting decisions based on the facts.


The problems in Washington are caused by politicians.


We have democratic elections.


Economic data is clear and consistent.


We can solve any problem with enough money.


America is a rich country.


People don’t care.


The American People are polarized.

Topics covered in the book.

The book reveals the truth behind these myths and how the 2 parties exploit these lies for their benefit. We show how these mistruths affect every aspect of our lives from business to government, foreign policy, the economy, the environment and how they prevent the real change that we all know and agree must happen.

The book proves that the changes that we must make won't happen by re-electing the same people and parties that got us to where we are today… and who profit by the system that they themselves created.

It will convince you to stop blaming Washington for our problems. Politicians are people – and people will always look out for themselves. So, who’s really at fault... politicians who are merely being human and looking out for themselves or the people for giving limitless money and power to a small group and hoping that they don’t manipulate the system over time to protect their way of life?

It shows why our voting decisions make no sense. It uncovers the unconscious psychological influences that determine how we think and why we vote opposite to what we say that we want. This includes herd behavior, brainwashing and cults, human behaviors and unconscious biases.

It explains why social media and disinformation campaigns are so successful in manipulating the opinions of people and why this is the cause of the extremism that we have today. It also defines terms that have been in the news recently, like gaslighting, cancel culture, tribalism, click-bait and how companies, the parties and the media play tricks to control what we think.

It exposes the criminal and unethical practices that the Democrat and Republican parties use to force out competition to maintain power and live in a different class.

It proves that the behaviors, actions, and most of the issues of the parties are exactly the 2 parties are same, and it explains why our election process is ranked the least democratic in the world. (Actually, we’re tied for last… I was exaggerating for effect.)

It reveals many of the no-cost solutions to our worst problems that insiders don't want you to know about and why these solutions have no chance happening when getting re-elected is the only factor that drives every decision Washington.

The book explains which vote is truly the “wasted vote”… voting for the lessor of two evils or voting for the candidate who you would prefer to win the election. The truth is that a vote for a democrat or republican is the “wasted vote”. In fact, it’s worse than wasted because it supports a corrupt system that prevents the changes we need. If you plan to vote for a democrat or republican, then we are all better off if you don’t vote at all!

It proves that opinions of voters from ‘both sides’ are not as ‘polarized’ as we are led to believe – especially when we look at our current situation from a 10,000 foot view.

It serves as a resource for 3rd parties and independent candidates. It provides useful data, talking points, and a standard definition of terms and slogans for the 3rd party movement. Anyone is welcome to use this information (so long as you obtain permission and if the material is properly sourced.

The Reset America plan.

Finally, it presents a simple and realistic plan to make all this happen in the next few elections. Our first, and immediate, goal is to convince all Americans to only vote for candidates who support these 3 policies… Term Limits, Rank Voting and Equal Rules for 3rd parties so that independent candidates can have an equal chance of be. It can’t be any easier.

We reached a tipping point.

We've been living with these mistaken beliefs for too long. People are ready for change. Exposing the truth behind our corrupt election process and illogical voting decisions are the first steps in changing the dangerous trajectory that our nation is on.


There are simple, no cost solutions to some of the worst problems, but time is running out. We must take immediate steps to change the trajectory of our nation before it’s too late.

Mike Gozian, Reset America

The book is written by me, Mike Gozian. (My legal name is Jingozian. I use a shorter name for the public to counter the effect of name bias. This is one of the many unconscious psychological influences which are covered in the book.)


In 2008, I ran for president. During the early stages of my campaign, I was the leading independent candidate even beating Hillary Clinton in some online polls.


The purpose of my campaign was to spread this message to the public. We achieved some major wins, like killing the national ID card program and exposing insider trading. Sadly, the real ID card was later re-introduced and past… and laws preventing insider training were reversed. (Did you expect anything different?)


In 2007, I produced a short video that exposed some of the ways that the 2 parties use to rig the system to maintain their grip on power. The video received the following awards for best political video:

The Telly Award for Best Internet Commercial for Political Issues

The W3 Award for Best Viral Marketing Video for Activism

The Marcom Award for Best Political Web Video

The Ava Award for best New Media Political Video

You can read more about Mike here:

Marketer of the Year, 2011

Articles from CNN, Inc. Magazine, Portland Business and Portland Sentinel

Watch Mike at the Green Party National Convention

Watch Mike at the Libertarian National Convention

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Let’s be the change that we all want.

All people have in common the desire for honest and fair democratic elections, peace and justice, corrupt-free politics, a healthier society, protecting our planet and sustaining our way of life.

We must rise above the partisan bickering and polarization that the establishment fuels for their own interests and take a fresh look at how we wish to be governed as a people.