Getting Support from Congress

You may think that Congress will never cooperate, but we have a plan!

It’s easier than you think.

You may think that changing election laws is impossible since politicians will be voting themselves out of the best job on the planet. After all, what greedy, corrupt politician will voluntarily vote to lose their jobs? This is where the sleazy nature of career politicians works to our advantage.


The problem of congress selling out for cash makes achieving our goals easy. First, I propose that any changes to our election laws should not apply to current legislators. In other words, their jobs will be protected.

I'm a Realist.

I hate to have to bribe our “leaders” to do what’s right for the American People, but I’m a realist. Every politician has their price. We just need to keep sweetening the deal, including offering a cash payment upon leaving the office, until we get a majority of votes.


I honestly believe that passing such legislation will not be difficult so long as the bills are written in the incumbent's favor.


Please join Reset America Now and together we can make this happen.

Stay calm, be present, and let the revolution begin!